What is MC Pack Extractor

MC Pack Extractor is a tool for extracting the default Minecraft resource/texture packs.
Double click the script, pick a version, wait a little, and BAM you have yourself a zip file.

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All important MC Pack Extractor news will be announced on Twitter:

MC Pack Extractor


MC Pack Extractor is a script file. Whichever download you choose, make sure it's for your OS.

Latest release: 1.1.1 Windows Download Mac/Linux Download

Alternatively, you'll find the latest release on GitHub.


Report a bug

To report a bug or crash, please start a new issue here:


Ask for help

For help with using MC Pack Extractor, please tweet me on Twitter:

I'll receive a notification and get to you ASAP.


If you have an idea for MC Pack Extractor, or wanna try fix a bug, please, by all means, go for it!

MC Pack Extractor on GitHub

I'll happily merge anything useful!

If you would like to help out in another way, you can always donate to me:

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Wanna be famous? Review MC Pack Extractor and send me a link ;-)

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Prompt about 7-Zip

MC Pack Extractor may ask if you want to use the built in zipper/unzipper if you don't have 7-Zip installed.

MC Pack Extractor Zip Prompt

Choose Minecraft version

MC Pack Extractor allows you to extract from Minecraft releases only.


Exported location

MC Pack Extractor by default will export the version to the location you ran the script from.


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